New Trend For 2019 Website Designs

Staying up to date on web design can determine the success or failure of your site. Every twelve months, a lot of changes happen regarding algorithm, speed, and visuals. A web page that looks sleek and polished today can quickly become outdated in a couple of months.

That’s why knowing the trends in this industry and predicting an outcome is imperative when you are building your website. You want to ensure that design will look excellent in a couple of years, but from time to time you have to perform specific touch-ups. So, here are a couple of things you should pay attention to.


How much time do you think you have to make an excellent first impression with a potential customer? If you think about interacting online, then you have less than three seconds. People tend to be pretty impatient, and they don’t like to be kept waiting.


Based on numerous studies, when users click on a site, they expect to load in two seconds or less. They will also leave the website if it takes more than three seconds to load. As you can see, it doesn’t matter having a beautiful site, if it takes too much time to load and in July 2018 Google has begun prioritizing ranking for web pages that load faster than others.

Flat design

As of 2017, designers and developers started creating a clean and simple design for better mobile performance. Since then, the number of mobile searches has skyrocketed. Sites that support image-heavy websites load slowly and tend to frustrate smartphone users.

On the other hand, the clean and minimalistic design is loaded quickly, and in this case, users can experience quick-loading sites, and they have high SEO value. The flat design is starting to fulfill a lot of speed requirements that search engine demands.

Keep in mind that everything is in minimalism and usability, but it doesn’t mean you have to reduce everything to two dimensions. It is essential to get rid of the clutter and focus on necessary things.

Mobile first

Speed isn’t the only feature Google uses to measure your web page. In 2015, the mobile search overtook the desktop search, making the mobile search the highest search in the world. Considering the mobile sites overcame the desktop sites, we believe will continue to develop in the future. Therefore, this push toward mobile isn’t only based on ranking factor or SEO; it is something that will increase the users’ experience with the web page.

Broken grid

In 2019, web design trends are all about thinking outside the box. Broken grid and asymmetrical design are making a massive impact on the web design industry. This system has been used for decades on all kinds of layouts, from websites to newspapers. A grid system helps designers achieve structure and consistency when they are adding content. In this case, their pages can establish hierarchy, combine different colors, and textures, replace irregular patterns and use white space.