What Web Designers Use- MAC or PC?

If you want to create a successful website, then you need the right tools. It’s not a secret that Mac has been labeled as a designer’s machine, whole PCs are only used for business purposes. But, is Mac the most common computer designers use and is it the best choice for that matter?

We will break down a couple of fact for you and help you make the right decision.

Command line

The Unix command line is considered to be superior over the Windows alternatives.

If you master well the Unix command line, then you can do anything. You should watch a senior developer navigate their terminal. This can be a mind-blowing experience and can open new possibilities for you.

Software reliability

Mac has an excellent number of hardware and software features, and developers can always count on stability in work. In this case, designers will be able to create applications that work in a Mac environment with fewer bugs and glitches.


On the other hand, the Windows operating system can run a large number of machines which different hardware and software configurations. But, you can never be 100% compatible with every hardware and software combination. This is why it will take some time for developers to test and debug their applications on every configuration.

The system popularity

Software developers want to have wide access to the market. In this case, their applications will be available on a large number of devices. It’s because of this very reason; the Windows operating system has much more apps than Mac. The users have more tools to work with and select from when developing websites.


However, there are a couple of disadvantages of Windows being the most popular operating system. You will find more malicious software for Windows than for Mac, and malicious software developers can target the largest market of users. Therefore, we can say that the Windows operating system is less secure than Mac, but regardless of this fact, developers tend to use it more.


The massive advantage of the Mac operating system is that it doesn’t require drivers, which is not the case with Windows. The Mac is built to work with hardware, while Windows needs to find its drivers so it can operate properly. If the drivers are no longer supported for a specific type of devices, then the compatibility issue can arise.


Mac provides with long-term support which means that free updates to the next generation of an operating system are a common practice. On the other hand, if you wish to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, then you will have to pay. We should also mention that Mac comes with one year free 24/7 technical support and three years if you buy Apple Care plan.

Virtual machines

The Mac operating system can run a Windows virtual machine, on the other hand, Windows cannot perform such actions, at least not legally. We already know that Mac is more expensive than Windows, but that’s because they have perfected their line of products over the years.